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Pemby Trail Fest FAQs

How do I stack up?

Yes, the Results. 

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What's included in my entry?

It's more than a run, it's an event experience.

You're welcomed into the friendly bunch of people that won't sleep unless you have an amazing experience. Now that's dedication ;)

Aid Stations stocked with all kinds of refuelling items

Awesome Support Crew and First Aid help  

Amazing trails and nature to soak up

A weekend in Pemberton

Fully marked courses that have been freshly pruned and designed for the ultimate experience

Official "race" time

A customised race bib that becomes a commemorative keepsake. 

Fruit when you finish and other refuelling things

Trail Love: High fives and hugs

Yes, there's bling, the Pemberton kind. 

A connection to something greater than yourself :) 

Entertainment, Friends, Community, and so much more that we can't describe. Come on out and experience it

Do I wear the same bib if I've signed up for multiple runs?


If you're signed up for multi-day entry, you'll get ONE bib to wear all weekend. Look after it! You must check in at the start of each race.

If you're signed up for individual events, you'll get a different bib at rego before each event. So if you have just entered two events (i.e. the half marathon and the 14km) - you'll need to come to rego before each event. 

It's your responsibility to look after your bibs and not lose them over the weekend!

Do I need to carry mandatory items? 

YES - there are some for the longer runs.

Remembering that this is a trail run, which takes you to remote places where your 'prepared for anything' attitude comes in handy ;) 

For the 50km Ultra Marathon you MUST have on your person, no matter the weather: 

  • 1ltr minimum

  • 1 Emergency Blanket (reflective lightweight type)

  • Being an Ultra Runner, we expect that you have a prepare for anything attitude and a high level of self sufficiency

We strongly recommend: 

  • Mobile phone (great for selfies at good spots, but safety first)

  • wet weather jacket (weather depending)

  • medium warmth mid layer or thermal (weather depending)

  • Tubie (to wipe your nose)

  • nutrition (aid stations will have basics)

  • small first aid kit (band aids, blister kit)

Anyone who is caught running without mandatory gear will be disqualified. No time recorded. We want everyone to run safe and look after each other!

Will there be aid stations? And what will be stocked?

Of course.

With first aid kits, and helpful Crew. They'll be roughly half way in the shorter races, and every 10 km - 20 km.

Items will always include water, electrolyte and fruit. Some will be stocked with lollies, and salty items. 

Will there be mobile phone reception?

There's mobile reception in Pemberton, and on most of the courses. Limited on the Ultra. 

We encourage you to carry phones during the run. We'd also ask that you turn your phones on and have on person once you finish running, so if we need to contact you we can.

Will I get a medal?

The most important question right? Here's how it works: 

YES. You'll collect at the finish of your run.

Are the entertainment events included in the entry fee?

That Depends.

The events put on by Perth Trail Series are included, but the events found in the town centre will be ticketed. We'll let you know what's what in all the pre-event info.

When Does Rego Close and What's your refund policy?


Rego closes at midnight on the Sunday prior to the event. No late entries are allowed.

As in the waiver...

which you electronically agree to when entering online:

"There will be no refund for any reason including rescheduling or cancellation due to any natural disaster or Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attraction (DBCA) trail closure. Participants cancelling due to injury who are available to volunteer at an event (and are needed) are likely to receive a transfer of entry to a future event.”

What are the rules?

  • Follow the course markings. If you don't see any for over 500 mtrs, turn around, retrace your steps, and get back on course

  • Don’t litter – and better yet, collect rubbish along the way. We always love to leave the trail better than we found it

  • Look after each other. Smile. High Five and Woohooo! Share the trail love

  • If you are under the age of 18, you will need a parent or guardian to sign an indemnity form at registration. If you are younger than 16 we’ll need to see some proof that you're capable of these distances.

  • Follow the course signage. It will be well signposted along the trail. Don’t take any shortcuts.

  • Keep to the left of the trail to allow faster runners to overtake

  • Wear your bib at all times on the outermost garment

  • YOU MUST tell an official or volunteer marshal if you are pulling out of the event due to injury or feeling unwell so we can notify the timing guys.

  • If a marshall requests you to do something (okay, within reason – sensible things), please follow their instructions. They're there to help you not hinder, so whatever it is they are asking, there is good reason. Thank them.

  • Smile. You’re doing this for fun, remember.

  • Be nice to yourself. You’re a legend for just getting out there.

  • No whinging if it’s cold and wet. It’s winter, and from what everyone says, ideal running conditions ;)

Where do I collect my bib from?

At Registration:

Friday - From 5 pm onwards at Pemberton Swimming pool (swimming pool rd)
Saturday  - From 8:30 a.m. at Location: Pemberton Swimming pool (swimming pool rd)
Sunday - one and a half hour before each race. Closing half an hour prior to each race. LOCATION: GLOUCESTER RIDGE, 107 BURMA RD (HEAD TO THE GLOUCESTER TREE FROM TOWN)

Will there be a Pre-Race Brief before each run?


There will be a 10 min briefing to all competitors at the start line for each race. You must be at the briefing to run the race. 

Will there be first aid available?


There will be first aid available to you.

What if I'm injured and can't complete the run?

  • Please notify an event marshal or volunteer so we can get the relevant first aid to you. If you don’t have a mobile phone and you injure yourself, please tell someone on the course to notify the nearest volunteer/event staff so we can organize first aid to you.

  • We will notify timing and classify your result as DNF – Did Not Finish.

  • Please make sure you notify event staff if you pull out of the race due to injury or feeling unwell so we know not to look for you on course.

  • Look after each other. If you find someone injured on course, ask them if they need you to stay with them. If they do, wait for the next runner and tell them to keep going on course and notify the first marshal. If they do not need you to stay with them, please run on and notify the first marshal on course.

Are you looking for event volunteers aka "Crew"?

Yes please.

There will be volunteer roles as course marshals, rego, aid stations. Please email or complete this form to register your interest as Pemby Trail Fest Crew.

Will there be cut off times?

Sort of. But all within the realms of reasonableness.

We'd like to think that for the 50km everyone comes off course in 7 hours or thereabouts. This means that we expect you to travel at a minimum 10 min/km pace. We'll judge timing accordingly at each checkpoint. 

On all shorter courses, sense and sensibility applies. 21 km courses we'll monitor. As long as you plan on running, and keep it moving, you'll be good 

Can I run with my dog, or push a pram?


The events take place in National Parks, where dogs aren't allowed and due to the uneven surfaces, the pram is best left at the start finish with a caretaker.

Will there be toilets?

Of course.

Please use the portaloo toilets provided at the start/finish event hub or try the facilities on the main street (located near the Post Office). 

On course, well... if it is NUMBER ONE - find a discreet place to duck off trail. PLEASE make sure you leave your backpack, or a water bottle or an item of clothing at the side of the trail indicating where you have left the trail. This is for safety. Should you disappear into the bush to do your thing and not return, we'll at least have an indicator for where the sweep should start to look for you. 

If a NUMBER TWO - well, in an absolute emergency, please try to hold until you get to an aid station where you will find advice (on where to go, we assume you know how) and loo paper. If carry your own loo paper. Then, again find a discreet place well off the trail and adhere to "Leave No Trace Principles" 

  • Toilet at least 200m away from any water source & least 50m from any trail, hut or campsite.

  • Matter should be buried approximately 20cm (6 - 8") in the ground.

Is there a posibility of event cancellation?

The Festival will take place on 11th-13th OCTOber in all weather conditions UNLESS it is considered unsafe in extreme weather conditions.

The event organiser will notify all participants if the event is considered unsafe and endeavour to reschedule the event to another date. Unfortunately full refunds can not be made in the event of a cancellation / rescheduling.

  • In the unlikely situation of the event having to be cancelled outright, the event organiser will endeavor to refund a percentage of your entry fee after all the event costs have been accounted for.

  • The event organiser has the right to change any of the course or time schedule due to weather conditions.

  • Any changes to the schedule or format of the event will be updated on the event website, Facebook and emailed to registered participants.

Should I train?

Of course!

Hit the trails as much as possible, and do it with's more fun. If you're keen for a specific training program, get in touch

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